New to FASTER TO MASTER? Not getting your updates?

Here’s a quick guide to whitelisting my emails to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

If you can see an email from me in your inbox:

  1. Reply to that email – this tells your email provider we’re friends! Not sure what to say? I LOVE book recommendations. Otherwise, tell me about something you’re learning right now and how it’s going. Or just say “hello!”.
  2. Favourite / Star that email – some email providers allow you to favourite or star emails. If you can, do that now. You won’t need to do it for every email – just once is enough.
  3. Add [email protected] to your contacts – this is a bulletproof way to make sure emails from me find their way to your inbox.

If you can’t see an email from me in your inbox:

  1. Check your “Spam” folder – then mark the email as “Not Spam” to send it and future emails to your inbox.
  2. Check your “Promotions” and other folders – then drag that email from that folder into your inbox to tell your email provider where you’d like future emails delivered.
  3. Resubscribe to FASTER TO MASTER’s updates – if you’ve been away for a while, there’s a chance I’ve automatically unsubscribed you. To resubscribe fill out this super special form.

If all else fails, get in touch and I’ll do everything I can to help.

Until then, thanks for being a subscriber,

Arthur “Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!” Worsley