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[F2M] Your final TRACKTION lesson… (+ the calm before the storm)

Hey friend,

THANK YOU for your wonderful replies to last email’s homework! 👍💯

Life’s most valuable trait is to be coachable. It takes courage to act and be vulnerable and I’m thrilled by how many of you have leapt at that challenge over this week’s previous two lessons:

Lesson One: https://fastertomaster.com/masterclass/lesson-1/
Lesson Two: https://fastertomaster.com/masterclass/lesson-2/

Next week, I’ll open another session of F2M’s TRACKTION Productivity Masterclass – a revolutionary new approach to life-management that helps you get organised, work less and live more meaningfully in just 42 days.

In today’s final lesson, I’ll be answering some of the top questions you’ve asked me over the last few days. But first, I wanted to share what’s at stake…

Samantha’s TRACKTION Transformation:

One of my first students, Samantha, was the CEO of a large Australian charity.

She started her TRACKTION journey as follows… 👇

“I don’t like to let others down, and I’m particularly hard on myself, but due to my lack of planning and over-promising, I was in a constant cycle of stress and panic. This left me feeling unfulfilled and burnt out.”

Sound familiar?

Then during the masterclass… 👇

“Arthur provided me with the tools and knowledge that I’d been lacking and did so in a safe environment where I could be vulnerable. Each time we caught up, I learnt something that I could apply immediately to my day.”

Until finally… 👇

“For the first time in a long time, life feels easier! What Arthur has taught me are life skills, not just business skills. I’m feeling more fulfilled and life has become more meaningful. Big shoutout to Arthur, thanks for your patience and guidance, I’m eternally grateful.”

You’ll still need to follow the instructions and put in the hard work. But if you’re prepared to be coachable then THIS 👆 is the journey I want to take YOU 👈 on, starting next week. 🚀

But what if I’m already drowning? Where am I going to find the time and space for big-picture thinking and building new productivity systems?

I hear you!

It’s hard to think about what direction to swim in when you feel like you’re already drowning.

That’s why the first two weeks of TRACKTION are dedicated to identifying then stopping or doing less of what doesn’t matter.

First, we’ll take stock, clear out and simplify. Next, we’ll use that space to get clear on what does matter. Then, lastly, we’ll build systems and processes to banish clutter completely.

This is where most productivity systems fail. Either, they try to add water to a cup that’s already brimming. Or, they leave any space they create to simply refill with clutter, just packed in with twice the efficiency.

Don’t fall into the same old trap.

Learn to simplify THEN clarify THEN build and you’ll find (and keep) the headspace you need to feel happier and far more productive.

But what if I’m beholden to others? How can I manage their requests and expectations?

This is a tough one, but it’s not insurmountable. The trick is to realise that you have far more tools at your disposal than “just saying no”.

Avoidance, elimination, deferral, automation, delegation – these are all powerful ways to mitigate or totally save you from unwanted distraction.

Wield them skillfully (as we’ll learn in week 2 of the masterclass) and you’ll find it easy to make space for what matters WITHOUT alienating friends, colleagues or loved ones.

But I’m a terrible procrastinator – what if I just don’t take action?

This is such a good question that there’s a whole week (#4) dedicated to beating procrastination in the masterclass.

Needless to say, I’ve got you covered til we get there.

First, we’ll eliminate friction by breaking each part of the masterclass into easy, digestible actions (with guided worksheets and homework).

Second, we’ll build accountability with tools like the TRACKTION Community, TRACKTION Planner and weekly, live Q&A calls.

And lastly, I’ll teach you a simple five-step process to crush procrastination by identifying when you’re procrastinating, isolating the root cause, clarifying what’s going on, acting on the obstacle and recovering effectively.

(TIP: There’s no such thing as doing too much, only not recovering enough.)

It’s a simple, repeatable process that ANYONE can master.

But won’t greater productivity just make me more stressed?

NO. A good productivity system creates time, space and energy.

When you’re clear about what you want to do with your life, where you should focus your efforts and what you’ll be working on tomorrow…

When you’re confident that you’re using your time wisely, accomplishing a lot and making the most of each day…

When you have a place for everything and everything is snugly in place…

That’s when you’ll feel calm, in control and comfortable. You’ll switch off, relax and enjoy more spontaneity WITHOUT feeling guilty or worrying about what needs doing next.

Don’t just take action. Get TRACKTION.

So there you have it!

We’ve discussed the importance of end-to-end productivity, learned how to build powerful vision statements and answered some of your top questions about TRACKTION.

But as you’ll remember, we’ve barely touched the tip of the iceberg.

That’s why next week I’ll be opening another session of The TRACKTION Productivity Masterclass.

And it’s also why, in 10 days, you’ll find yourself in one of two places…

Either you’ll be where you are now, still working out solo why you feel unsure if you’re good enough, working hard enough or doing the right things to accomplish your goals.

Or you’ll be joining me and a new group of like-minded students for 6 weeks of teaching and 12 weeks of coaching (PLUS lifelong upgrades and updates) as we master a proven process for feeling consistently energised and excited by a clear picture of what you need to do next.

The catch? To make sure each student has a life-changing experience I’ll be closing the doors after the first 100 students OR next Friday – whichever comes first.

So if you’re serious about taking your transformation to the next level, look out for my email on Monday and make sure you don’t miss out!

Lesson Three Homework

For this lesson’s homework, HIT REPLY and tell me:

“Who else in your life would benefit most from you getting organised, working less and spending more time on what matters?”

They might be a colleague, a family member or a loved one. They may be a person you already know or someone you hope one day to meet.

Whoever they are, bring them to mind, HIT REPLY and I’ll look forward to reading your answers…

Until Monday – good luck, have a great weekend and go well,

Arthur “Two Roads Diverged in a Wood” Worsley

P.s., If you haven’t replied to lesson 1 or lesson 2 yet, it’s not too late! I’ll be answering emails over the weekend and all through next week so check them out, hit reply and tell me:

  1. “If time, space and energy weren’t a factor, which ONE area of life would you be most excited to work on right now?”
  2. “What would you be doing differently today if that area was already a 10/10?” and
  3. “Who else in your life would benefit most from you getting organised, working less and spending more time on what matters?”

And if you’re stuck? Don’t worry! That’s exactly why I created the masterclass so, in either case, I’ll look forward to speaking with you soon. 👍🔥🚀