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[F2M] Want to get organised, work less and accomplish more of what matters? 🚀

Hey friend,

Next Monday, I’ll be opening registration for a new round of F2M’s TRACKTION Productivity Masterclass.

It’s the first, practical, holistic, end-to-end, life-management system ever created and I’m incredibly excited to share it with you.

But before that, I want to help as many of you as possible share the same experience as my previous masterclass students 👇

Which is why, in the next few emails, I’ll be sharing some of TRACKTION’s most powerful ideas with you for free.

In this first lesson, we’ll discuss one of the biggest current misconceptions around personal productivity as well as how and why you should transform your thinking…

The crisis we’re facing isn’t HOW to be more productive, it’s WHY.

We used to live in a world where meaning was fairly straight forward. Work for food, shelter and friendship – perhaps even financial or physical freedom – but that’s as complex as life needed to get.

But in the last 30 years, everything’s changed. We’re healthier, safer and freer than even our parents could ever have hoped for. We’ve conquered war, famine and pestilence. And yet millions of us still work mechanically at needs which are now largely fulfilled in abundance.

The result is a crisis of meaning. We feel lost, overwhelmed and caught up in the day-to-day rat race. We worry we’re not accomplishing anything, despite working really really hard. We struggle to relax and make time for other parts of our lives or to be present with our friends, family and partners. We’re destroying our planet ever more efficiently to acquire things we don’t need and which don’t make us happy.

We all know this. And yet we still haven’t upgraded our thinking.

99% of modern productivity gurus focus almost exclusively on the HOW of personal productivity. And that’s why 99% of modern productivity gurus are failing us.

What we don’t need are more ways to be more efficient at work, home or school; new ways to mindlessly crank out more widgets in a world that just doesn’t need them.

What we do need is a way to reforge the personal why, what and how of our entire existence; we need new missions and visions that inspire us AND the means to accomplish them.

What we need is end-to-end productivity.

We need a holistic approach to life-management with six basic steps:

  1. Work out where our time REALLY goes;
  2. Identify what’s NOT important;
  3. STOP or DO LESS of what doesn’t matter;
  4. Clarify what IS important;
  5. START or DO MORE of what does matter; and
  6. Sustain it with bullet-proof SYSTEMS and PROCESSES.

I call this process end-to-end productivity and it’s the radical mind-shift we’re missing.

It stretches horizontally (across eight core life areas)…

  • Health & Vitality
    Your physical body, wellness, energy, fatigue, fitness and appearance.
  • Thoughts & Emotions
    How you see, feel about and respond to yourself and life situation.
  • Friends & Family
    The meaningful community and social relationships that aren’t…
  • Love & Partnership
    The person who’s not just part of your life, they’re part of you.
  • Growth & Learning
    Experiences that teach you about and new ways of seeing the world.
  • Productivity & Performance
    The engine, systems and processes that manage your life.
  • Business & Career
    The main way you invest time in return for income or impact.
  • Wealth & Lifestyle
    Your remaining pastimes, promises and possessions.

It stretches vertically (over six vital horizons)…

Now – What next?

Today – What are today’s top priorities?

This Week – What balanced goals will I work on this week?

Action Lists – What projects and plans am I working on right now?

Visions – What does 10/10 look like in each area of life? and

Mission – Why am I here?

And it creates the clarity, focus and accountability we need to flourish in a messy and complicated world WITHOUT simply growing our to-do lists.

What’s at stake?

Imagine a world where your sustainable, structured routine gives you time, space and energy to think deeply and creatively about your life and your work. Or a world where you have a clear understanding of what you’re trying to achieve, what you’re doing to get there and how you’re progressing towards it. Or a world where you feel calm, in control and comfortable switching off and relaxing without constantly worrying about what else needs doing.

Imagine a world where you feel good about your work and inspired to sit down and get started. Or a world where you stay focussed and work deliberately on your most important and difficult tasks till they’re done, without getting lost or distracted. Or a world where you have the tools, systems and processes to keep making progress in the direction you want to be going.

This is the world you can live in when you begin mastering end-to-end productivity. It’s a world anyone can discover if they know how to ask the right questions. It’s the secret to getting organised, working less and accomplishing more of what matters.

This all sounds great, Arthur, but…

  • I’m lost! I don’t even know where to start;
  • I’m overwhelmed! I don’t have time for this kind of thinking;
  • It won’t work! My life is different, this doesn’t apply to me; or
  • It won’t stick! I always slip back into old habits, I’m not disciplined!

Trust me, I’ve heard it all before.

And I get it. And if I were in your shoes I’d be having the same sorts of concerns. Which is why in my next email I’m going to show you exactly how to overcome each of them.

But for now, let’s get back to the good stuff…

Lesson One Homework

I want to keep the homework for this week simple and focus on one of my favourite parts of the masterclass. So HIT REPLY and tell me…

“If time, space and energy weren’t a factor, which ONE area of life would you be most excited to work on right now?”

(You can choose from the list of eight areas above or carve out a completely new area of your own. Both approaches are perfect!)

Trust your gut, HIT REPLY and in our next lesson, I’ll guide you through getting clear on what 10/10 looks like in that area looks like.

Until then, good luck, go well and I’ll look forward to reading your answer,

Arthur “It’s Time For New Management” Worsley

P.s., Don’t put this off until later! Hit reply NOW and invest 10 seconds in replying to my question. You’ll get a huge amount from this process.

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