Get Organised, Work Less & Live More Meaningfully in Just 42 Days, Guaranteed.

Because it’s a simple fact… TRACKTION’s Revolutionary Productivity Masterclass is making it easier than ever before.

There’s no denying it…

Once upon a time, worrying about getting organised, working less and living a meaningful life was a luxury. You had to slave just to find a job, keep a roof over your head and make ends meet. It was terrible.

But not anymore.

Not too long ago, I was sacrificing my life for the same basic needs that filled my grandparents’ existence when I suddenly realised we just don’t live in that world anymore.

Financial freedom, physical freedom, mental freedom – a big portion of the planet is still mindlessly working towards goals we already enjoy in abundance.

The result is a crisis of meaning. We feel lost, overwhelmed and caught up in the day-to-day rat race. We worry we’re not accomplishing anything, despite working really really hard. We struggle to relax and make time for other parts of our lives or to be present with our friends, family and partners. We’re destroying our planet ever more efficiently to acquire things we don’t need and which don’t make us happy.

We all know this and yet we still haven’t upgraded our thinking.

So I left my job as a top-tier consultant in London, interviewed hundreds of people, read scores of books and experimented relentlessly on myself and my clients until I assembled what would soon become TRACKTION…

This Changes Everything

Take a look at this… 👇

TRACKTION Masterclass Reviews

Crazy, right?

But listen…

Here’s why TRACKTION is changing people’s lives across the world:

Most of the old sources of meaning and purpose that many of us still mechanically work at are dead. And the answer is NOT to just get more efficient at cranking out widgets.

The answer is to step back and take full, “End-to-End” responsibility for life. Not just the “How”, but also the “What” and the “Why” of what you do and accomplish each day.

That’s why TRACKTION changes everything. It’s the first, practical, holistic, end-to-end life-management system ever created and it’s designed for the world that we live in TODAY. Not a world that no longer exists.

In fact, TRACKTION is so unique that it allows me to make a promise I could otherwise never make…

Get Results or Pay Nothing!

Let’s not waste time beating around the bush. This is my promise to you:

Take this class, follow the directions, and I guarantee you will get organised, work less and live more meaningfully within 42 days or less.

That’s not a typo — I said 42 days. Yes, it’s real, and yes, it’s realistic. And what happens if for some reason you’re not able to transform your current trajectory?


I’ll give you your money back. Every penny of it.

It’s the only ethical thing to do. If you study hard and do the work, I believe you deserve to get the results.

And if not?

Well, I don’t deserve to get paid. Simple as that.

But I don’t believe that’s going to happen. In fact, once you see what’s inside the class, I believe you’ll feel like you made the smartest investment of your life.

Let me explain…

Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside This Masterclass

In just six weeks of online video training, recaps, templates and worksheets, you’ll learn how to get organised, work less and accomplish more of what matters.
Week 1: Discover Where Your Time’s REALLY Going, Identify What’s NOT Important and Craft a Killer Not-To-Do List.

Most of us have no idea where our time really goes. And that’s a problem. Because popping random medication without a clear idea of what’s going wrong is a perfect recipe for harmful complications.

But take the time to paint a clear picture and something astounding will happen – you might discover you don’t need any medicine at all.

In fact, simply getting clear on (a) where you think your time goes and (b) where your time really goes can often be enough to trigger significant AUTOMATIC change to your routine.

In TRACKTION we’ll use a combination of a “Life Inventory” and “Time Tracking” to get clear on the People, Pastimes, Promises and Possessions that have a call on your time and your energy.

Then we’ll use über-simple frameworks like the “ABC Method“, “Hero Based Thinking” and the “$10 Task Test” to work out what’s not important and craft a powerful “Not-to-do list“.

Week 2: Learn How to Avoid, Outsource or Eliminate All The Non-Critical Stuff in Life WITHOUT Alienating Friends, Colleagues and Loved Ones.

A good “Not-to-do” list is the first step in stopping or doing less of what’s not important. Like getting clear on your time, simply writing things down will automatically unlock big blocks of your time and your energy.

But what of the trickier stuff on the list? And what of the endless new stuff that constantly piles up on your plate?

Too many of us are terrible at “just saying NO“. But what’s worse, we’re often not even aware of the powerful alternatives for preventing distractions more permanently.

Why go through the awkward process of deletion when you can simply avoid or eliminate bugs at their source?

Why invest energy in low-value tasks when you can defer, automate or delegate those actions off your to-do list?

In TRACKTION we’ll learn how to radically free up resources by skillfully using ALL your options WITHOUT upsetting the people around you.

And that’s GREAT news because it’ll unlock the time and headspace to…

Week 3: Learn a Simple System to Spot What DOES Matter Most in Your Life, Right Now (AND Master the ONE Area Most Holding You Back).

It all comes back to ONE question:

“What’s the ONE most important thing I can be doing RIGHT NOW?”

No matter how complex life gets, it all boils down to “what next?” and no matter how much thinking you do, it’s all to find the best answer you can.

How can we get to that answer as quickly and easily as possible? TRACKTION’s approach is to clarify and align life across six levels…

  • Now – What next?
  • Today – What are today’s top priorities?
  • This Week – What balanced goals will I work on this week?
  • Action Lists – What projects and plans am I actively working on?
  • Visions – What does 10/10 look like in each area of life? and
  • Mission – Why am I here?

And eight different areas of life:

  • Health & Vitality;
    Your physical body, wellness, energy, fatigue, fitness and appearance.
  • Thoughts & Emotions;
    How you see, feel about and respond to yourself and life situation.
  • Friends & Family;
    The meaningful community and social relationships that aren’t…
  • Love & Partnership;
    The person who’s not just part of your life, they’re part of you.
  • Growth & Learning;
    Experiences that teach you about and new ways of seeing the world.
  • Productivity & Performance;
    The engine, systems and processes that manage your life.
  • Business & Career; and
    The main way you invest time in return for income or impact.
  • Wealth & Lifestyle.
    Your remaining pasttimes, promises and possessions.

The result? Clarity, focus and power.

Days that feed weeks, weeks that feed projects and projects that align with your ideal life and a mission that fills you with meaning and purpose.

The best bit? In TRACKTION we’ll cover the exact, STEP-BY-STEP processes you need to get clear, confident and excited about each part of the puzzle.

Week 4: Discover the 4 Surprising Reasons You Procrastinate AND Learn 12 Bulletproof Tactics to Crush Them.

As Wolfgang Von Goethe observed “Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, but to put one’s thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world.”

And he was right.

Which is why week 4 of the TRACKTION Masterclass is all about learning to crush procrastination.

First, we’ll meet four root causes of inaction:

  • Lack of clarity – I don’t know what to do next.
  • Lack of courage – I’m afraid what will happen.
  • Lack of motive – I don’t want to do it.
  • Lack of energy – I don’t have the strength.

Then, we’ll learn how to identify what’s holding you back, isolate the cause, clarify what to do about it, act even if we don’t feel like it and recover for whatever comes next.

Result? Start or do more of what matters, no matter how hard it feels, and begin the life-long journey of making your visions and mission a reality.

Week 5: Instantly Start Doing More of What Matters with FASTER TO MASTER's Ultimate Productivity Blueprint (PLUS Real-World Examples)

If you’ve ever felt like scattered, overwhelmed, overworked and caught up in the crazy day-to-day rat race then there’s a good chance what you’re missing is a good, solid productivity system.

It’s goal? To clear and keep everything OUT of your head so you feel calm and in control no matter what comes your way.

But the best productivity systems aren’t just consistent internally. They also need to handle the chaos of the real, outside world. And it’s on both these fronts that week 5 of the TRACKTION Masterclass really delivers.

In it, we’ll learn how to build the simplest productivity system possible to keep you clear, confident and well-organised.

From your satelite and major inboxes down to your weekly goals and daily plan, we’ll learn how to knit weeks 1 – 4 into a simple system that helps you work less and accomplish more of what matters.

Whether you’re totally new to productivity systems or on your 300th iteration of GTD, week 5 will get your whole life organised quickly and simply, with as little as a few sheets of paper.

No more mental mess. No more clogging up of your headspace. Just the clarity, creativity, calmness and confidence of having a place for everything and knowing everything is secure in its place.

Week 6: Master the Only 5 Rituals You Need to Keep Your New TRACKTION Life-Management System Simple, Sharp and Sustainable.

There are five simple rituals you need to start accomplishing more of what matters:

  1. Weekly Reviews;
  2. Morning Rituals;
  3. End of Work Shutdowns;
  4. Evening Reviews; and
  5. Ad-hoc Planning

In module 6, we’ll cover each one in detail and I’ll share the exact step-by-step checklists I use personally to accomplish more of what matters.

This is the module where we bring our last 5 weeks of learning together and set course for a new destination.

It’s the heartbeat that pumps energy through your new end-to-end life-management system.

PLUS you’ll also get…
BONUS #1: 12 Weeks of LIVE Q&A Calls

For 12-weeks I’ll be right in the trenches with you, answering your questions, clarifying your visions and helping you work out how to apply TRACKTION to your unique challenges and life-situation.

BONUS #2: Lifetime Access to All Q&A Call Recordings

Even when your 12-weeks live access ends you’ll be able to revisit and learn from the real-life examples in every past and ongoing Q&A session.

BONUS #3: Lifetime Access to The Exclusive TRACKTION Community

Ask unlimited questions, find an accountability buddy and connect with like-minded self-starters in FASTER TO MASTER‘s exclusive members only community.

Finally, the Support You’ve Always Needed

Once the training is over, I’m confident that you will know everything you need to get organised, work less and accomplish more of what matters, but what if you run into questions down the road?

Well, I’ve got you covered.

Not only will you get lifetime access to the TRACKTION community forum. I’ll also run complimentary live Q&A calls every week for at least 12 weeks to answer all your questions during and after the training is over.

Put it all together, and you can start to see why I’m so confident in guaranteeing that you’ll get organised, feel happier and be more productive within 42 days.

If you’re ready to get started, just click this button to:

42-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

Now there’s an important question that a lot of people have. And that is…

But What If I’m Already Overwhelmed and Underwater? Won’t This Just Give Me More Things to Do?

I hear you!

It’s hard to think about what direction to swim in when you feel like you’re already drowning.

That’s why the first two weeks of TRACKTION are dedicated to identifying then stopping or doing less of what doesn’t matter.

First, we’ll take stock, clear out and simplify. Next, we’ll use that space to get clear on what does matter. Then, lastly, we’ll build systems and processes to banish clutter completely.

This is where most other productivity systems fail. Either, they try to add water to a cup that’s already brimming. Or, they leave any space they create to simply refill with clutter, just packed in with twice the efficiency.

Don’t fall into the same old trap.

Let TRACKTION help you simplify THEN clarify THEN build and you’ll find (and keep) the headspace you need to feel happier and far more productive.

But What If I Don’t Know Where to Start? or Don’t Have the Discipline to Keep Going?

These are huge. And I want you to know I’ll be right there with you.


Because as well as lifetime access to the community forum (where you’ll be able to ask unlimited questions and find accountability buddies) I’ll be running at least 12 weeks of live weekly QA calls to help you bust through specific problems and obstacles.

Bring your best-self, follow the simple instructions and let TRACKTION look after the rest.

And if it doesn’t work out?

Don’t forget there’s a 100% money-back guarantee on the masterclass.

If you don’t get results, I don’t get paid – it’s as simple as that.

But What If I’ve Been Through All the Books and Tried Other Courses and Nothing Has Worked?

And I get it.

If I were in your shoes, I would be wondering that myself.

But listen…

The TRACKTION Masterclass isn’t like other courses. My ONLY concern is giving you the simple, practical tools anyone can use to get life in order and then show you exactly when and how to use them in everyday life.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Here’s proof… 👇

TRACKTION Masterclass Reviews (Actionable)

And in case you need more of it…

But What If This All Just Sounds Too Good to Be True?

I hear this a lot! And it’s a great question.

Which is why I ask my alumni (and current community members) to share their experiences.

Here’s what they had to say after just 42 days of getting started with TRACKTION:

Samantha C
TWIYO Capital

“For the first time in a long time, life feels easier! What Arthur has taught me are life skills, not just business skills. The reach is greater and the impact more significant. I’m hitting goals in every aspect of my life. I’m becoming the well-rounded human I wanted to be.”

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Prior to the TRACKTION Productivity & Performance Masterclass life was like a dog’s breakfast. I thought I was organised, but upon reflection – knowing what I know now, I definitely wasn’t. A simple daily “To-Do List” is not being organised! Due to my lack of planning and over-promising, I was in a constant cycle of stress and panic.

I don’t like to let others down, and I’m particularly hard on myself, which resulted in me beating on myself all the time for not being productive/good enough. When in fact, I hadn’t given myself a fighting chance, I’d actually set myself up to fail. This resulted in me constantly working long hours and cutting out the things I love doing (eg, spending time with friends, reading etc) – only rewarding myself once I’d finished my work, which was never-ending. This left me feeling unfulfilled and burnt out.

I reached out to Arthur in a time of need, I didn’t like the person I was due to constant stress. Some changes needed to be made, but I didn’t know how. This is where the TRACKTION Masterclass with Arthur was most beneficial. He provided me with the tools and knowledge that I’d been lacking and did so in a safe environment where I could be vulnerable – no judgements were made. Every problem was met with compassion and positive reinforcement. Each time we caught up, I learnt something that I could apply immediately to my day. This meant that progress could be seen from the onset, one bit at a time. Which resulted in my desire to keep at it, because it was working.

All too often, I’d read a book or do a course and I’d freak out due to information overload and the huge expectations I’d put on myself. The difference with the TRACKTION Master Class was that I would apply the trips and tricks at my own pace and modify things to meet my own individual needs. Through this process, for the first time in a long time, life feels easier!

What Arthur has taught me are life skills, not just business skills. The reach is greater and the impact more significant. I’m hitting goals in every aspect of my life – business, relationships, learning objectives, fitness goals, etc. I’m becoming the well-rounded human I wanted to be. I’m a better manager, partner, friend and daughter. And, as a result, I’m feeling more fulfilled and life has become more meaningful. Big shoutout to Arthur, thanks for your patience and guidance, I’m eternally grateful.

Nick K

“Thanks to TRACKTION I have more clarity of purpose and make decisions more easily. I have new routines that gently guide the course of the day/week/month. I see how my daily actions move me towards or away from my grand plan. I have a more structured day AND a clear head, with room to contemplate, meditate, create, and be mindful.”

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Before TRACKTION I had a vague notion of what I wanted to accomplish but found myself bogged down by other tasks and never quite getting the important ones done.

I wanted to organise all my ongoing projects into a coherent system so that (a) I wouldn’t have to keep irrelevant minutiae in my head and (b) I could finish existing projects and start new ones.

But my distant (and important) goals and close (day-to-day) tasks felt disconnected and despite working regularly on various projects, I saw only slow progress (sometimes none at all).

What drew me to TRACKTION was that it addresses the WHY and the HOW rather than just the WHAT.

You can become more organised and efficient at doing completely irrelevant stuff (you can even outsource some/all of it) but it doesn’t get you closer to your purpose.

Which is why taking the time to formulate that purpose/mission/vision and then structure the whole system around it is pure genius.

So, getting clear on WHY gave me unprecedented clarity (in itself very useful).

But it was taking the next step (the HOW) and creating a fluid yet simple system to incrementally move towards that mission which is where TRACKTION really shined.

When I composed my mission and visions and later saw how these grand ideas would flow into concrete and achievable tasks (Outcomes -> Plans -> Weekly Goals -> Daily Tasks -> Next thing to do), the proverbial lightning struck the ground.

Thanks to TRACKTION I have more clarity of purpose and make decisions more easily. I have new routines that gently guide the course of the day/week/month. I see how my daily actions move me towards or away from my grand plan. I have a more structured day AND a clear head, with room to contemplate, meditate, create, and be mindful.

Matthew B - Thumbnail
Matthew B

“I have incorporated new disciplines into each day and week which have already provided value in my personal life and at work. I’m excited by what I’ve already accomplished and finally feel like I have the tools I was missing to break through!”

Read the Full Review

Before Arthur’s TRACKTION Masterclass my work was consuming increasingly more of my time, and I was just barely keeping up with all of my commitments. I knew the productivity habits I had built over many years could not continue to serve me how I needed them to. I was also having trouble connecting some of my day to day work to a larger purpose or vision for how I wanted to live.

My approach to work was unsustainable. I was in a cycle where I might get ahead one week only to fall behind the next, and so on. I knew I had to make a change but wasn’t quite sure where to start.

What set TRACKTION apart for me was the holistic approach. The curriculum was well designed. The homework was challenging yet not burdensome. You will find a community of learners who can lean on one another for accountability and support. And Arthur’s support — in emails and Q&A calls — was highly valuable. I feel he genuinely cares about the success of the people he works with.

In one of the modules, we got into the causes of procrastination. It could be we are too physically fatigued to get our work done. Or we might fear failure. For me, a key moment was recognizing that much of my procrastination is rooted in a lack of clarity about how I should spend my time — which is actually a lack of clarity about what I value and want in life. That insight got me working little by little on personal vision statements and daily journaling.

6 weeks later and I feel like the work is just beginning! I have incorporated a few new disciplines into each day and week which have already provided value in my personal life and at work — things like setting weekly goals across different areas of life, creating top priority next actions each evening for the following day, and establishing routines for getting re-invigorated and clear in the AM and winding down at night.

I’m excited by what I’ve already accomplished and finally feel like I have the tools I was missing to break through to that next level of progress!

Massimo C - Thumbnail
Massimo C
Massimo Curatella

“After only one week I immediately felt back in charge of my time. The second week, something exceptional happened: I had my week planned, with all the activities set and prioritized and all my appointments scheduled. I felt elated, light-headed, and happy!”

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Before the TRACKTION Masterclass I was stuck, reacting to the next emergency while draining my resources.

I tried an infinite number of times, and I failed, to find a way to organize my productivity routines to make them more efficient.

Arthur and his TRACKTION Masterclass raised the awareness about what I was doing wrong, or not doing at all and it also provided me with simple, effective and efficient tools and methods to improve my approach to time planning and self-reflection.

After only one week of systematic application of the framework, I immediately felt back in charge of my time. The second week, instead, something exceptional happened: for the first time after I don’t even remember how long I had my week planned, with all the activities set and prioritized all appointment scheduled and… NOTHING to be worried again about planning. I felt elated, light-headed, and happy!

Today I cannot imagine facing another task or commitment without carefully curating my planning system. I am less random about work. I feel more empowered to decide how to use my time and my resources.

Minh L - Thumbnail
Minh L

“With TRACKTION, I sleep 7-8 hours and wake up feeling grateful, rested, and excited about what to do next. I start each day knowing what I need to focus on and what to avoid. I take more decisive action and procrastinate less. I finally realize that I can be more!”

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Before meeting Arthur I let everything life threw at me control my day… for so many years, to the point that work-life balance seemed to be an illusion. I worked even after all my colleagues had gone home, even over the weekends and I let those works creep into my personal life, despite hardly getting anything truly important and meaningful done.

What had become obvious during my twenty-something years in search of a holistic productivity system was I started to believe that I was chasing something doesn’t exist. I got burned out after trying countless productivity hacks, tips and books, it was even more of a hassle to try and follow them since they all felt unconnected dots. I needed a system which I could trust and help me manage my day-to-day but found none that made a sustaining and significant change. I was unfulfilled and discouraged. Whatever. Maybe there is no problem. Maybe I am actually the problem.

Then I discovered TRACKTION. It’s holistic yet simple (I can execute it with plain text files). I get an all-in-one life management system in one simple place (task management and execution, habits, life tracker, reviews, journal, mission, visions, the framework to deal with procrastination and time wasters, etc.) I get both the top-down view and bottom-up view of what is going on with my life which is not only strategic enough to guide my daily activities and align them with my mission, visions and outcomes but also practical enough to help me stop procrastinating and start taking real actions.

Looking back at those awful days, I realised how overwhelmed I felt and how much I procrastinated. I wasn’t getting stuff done. My daily to-do list contained so many pending things that were waiting for me to do… someday (which of course never happened).

Now, I sleep 7-8 hours, wake up feeling grateful, rested, and excited about what to do next. And TRACKTION system has me covered. I start each day knowing what I need to focus on and what to avoid while still feeling able to proactively deal with stuff popping up. I take more decisive action and procrastinate less.

Of course, I’ll always have a few unproductive days which I may or may not finish everything I had planned but even then, I still get the sense that today was a success because I already did most the critical stuff first and have a proper plan to catch up with unfinished things later.

With TRACKTION, I see the incremental improvements in my life. I finally realize that I can be more.

“TRACKTION has been a game changer, letting me plan and use my time and manage my business more effectively. Within 18 months, my revenue has increased over 13x and I never procrastinate anymore so I have more time to spend on personal goals.”

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Full disclosure: Erin is my partner and the long-suffering guineapig for all things TRACKTION! You could either see that as a reason to discount this review entirely or take it as evidence of the long-term efficacy of the approach. I leave that decision totally up to you – just want to be totally transparent!

Arthur’s coaching has been the biggest game changer for my business and life. When he first started coaching me I had one business, Zen Green Matcha Tea and I was earning $5,000 per month- my business had been declining and I was constantly procrastinating. I also had no “off” time which was miserable. Fast forward 18 months and Arthur’s coaching has seen Zen Green Matcha Tea 4 X in size, while I have launched two more businesses BootyCo and Arena Strength. Combined, my total business revenue has increased over 13 times to over $65 K monthly revenue. In the same period, I was also able to manage myself more effectively so I have more time to spend on personal goals (pretty impressive considering I added two more businesses and 3 more employees!).

The biggest things that I learned from Arthur to see this huge change include:

  • PRODUCTIVITY: I learned the principles of a good productivity system and Arthur helped me to design and implement my own system. This has been amazing- it gets everything out of my head and into my system. It has been a game-changer in terms of letting me more effectively plan, use my time and manage my business.
  • GOAL SETTING & PLANNING: I learned how to set goals, and plan my week so that I am always moving towards my goals. Arthur showed me how to set smarter goals for my business and personal life and then use these as a way to prioritize and plan my work. I honestly cannot believe I never planned correctly in the past because I can see how effective it has been to help me always focus on the right work and stop me from procrastinating.
  • EFFICIENCY: The new way I have learned to work means that I get so much done and I never procrastinate anymore. It also means that I have more personal time that I spend on hobbies and sport.

My life now is a world apart from where I began.

  • I am focused
  • I have a clear direction
  • I have higher business revenue so I am so much closer to full financial freedom
  • I only work 30 hours a week ( I now work 6am-12pm Monday to Friday)
  • I have time for personal goals like fitness, and seeing friends

I wouldn’t be in this place without all the things Arthur has taught me. Invest in this course because it will change your life and give you a foundation to achieve your goals.

Kieran L - Thumbnail
Kieran L
Understand IELTS

“I not only have newfound clarity on where I want to go but also the tools to make sure I’m consistently doing what’s necessary to move me forward in every area. I’m not exaggerating when I say the TRACKTION Masterclass has had a profound impact on my life.”

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Before taking the TRACKTION Masterclass I’d been doing a lot of huffing and puffing without seeing much forward momentum. Now I not only have newfound clarity on where I want to go but also the tools to make sure I’m consistently doing what’s necessary to move me forward in every area of my life. Tracktion was also incredibly personal, with Arthur taking the time to listen and propose solutions for my specific situation. My days are now much more deliberate and purposeful. I’m not exaggerating when I say the TRACKTION Masterclass has had a profound impact on my life.

Prakhar V - Thumbnail
Prakhar V
Design Epic Life

“Arthur gives practical ideas and strategies which you can start using right away. It didn’t take me long to see the positive changes in my day-to-day life. Today, I am not only productive, but I am free! I am clear, calm and energetic throughout the day!”

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Before TRACKTION I always seemed to be busy. For me, productivity wasn’t a problem. The problem was that I was trying to stuff too much in one day and therefore, I would easily burn out. It was frustrating because I knew I was “productive” yet I was not fulfilled.

Then TRACKTION masterclass gave me the much-needed clarity I needed.

Arthur walks you through the basics as well as advanced strategies (explained using simple analogies or examples) to make the best use of your time. Unlike other classes, Arthur gives practical ideas and implementation strategies which you can start using right away.

It didn’t take me long to see the positive changes in my day-to-day life. Today, I am not only productive, but I am free! I am clear, calm and energetic throughout the day.

Joshua G - Thumbnail
Joshua G
The Galiway

“Arthur’s TRACKTION Masterclass has been a tremendous help and has reinvigorated my productivity. I now understand what I should do less of and focus more on. I’ve been equipped with the right thinking and systems to reach my life goals.”

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Arthur’s TRACKTION Productivity & Performance Masterclass has been a tremendous help and has reinvigorated my productivity. After reevaluating my life inventory I was able to recognise where all my hours were going towards; I was able to get back on lost time.

By prioritising every little task in my life, I now understand what I should be doing less of and what I should be focusing more on. Not only that, I have been equipped with the right thinking and systems to reach my life goals.

Richard W - Thumbnail
Richard W

“I spent six months trying to design a productivity system around GTD and other resources. TRACKTION came along at a perfect time. It takes work but, having been through the masterclass, I am more energised, more focussed and getting a lot more done.”

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Thanks so much for the TRACKTION Masterclass. As I told you I had spent the last six months trying to design a productivity and performance system based around GTD and various other resources. Unfortunately, they left more confused and less productive. Tracktion came along at a perfect time. To get it right takes work but having been through the Masterclass I am more energised, more focussed and getting a lot more done.

Andras L - Thumbnail
András L

“I’ve gone through dozens of programs and so much of the material is very theoretical or simply motivational. TRACKTION is refreshingly different. In just the past few weeks I’ve already noticed meaningful improvements in my work output and progress.”

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I’ve gone through dozens of productivity & time management programs in the past and very few things have ever stuck. So much of the material is very theoretical or simply motivational and doesn’t lend itself to action. Arthur Worsley’s TRACKTION is refreshingly different. He lays out a clear and systematic approach to productivity and time management without the fluff. In just the past few weeks of partially implementing, I’ve already noticed meaningful improvements in my work output and progress.

The only downside?

This is a limited-time offer, and if you miss the window, you might be out of luck.

Why You Need to Act NOW

Because I want as many people as possible to benefit from what TRACKTION has to offer, I’m cutting the price for the first few hundred masterclass students in half.

The full price of the course will be $2,997 but right now you can get it for half that much.

(And this might just be your ONLY chance to get it for that price.)

Let’s not forget how much this class is actually worth:

  • TRACKTION: 6-Week End-to-End Productivity Masterclass – $2,997
  • Ready-Made Templates, Examples and Folder Structures – $1,997
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42-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

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42-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee