How To Make Friends: Part 8 – Next Steps


So, over the last couple of weeks we’ve been talking about how to make friends.

Not the accidental, childhood friends who just happen to go to the same schools or live in the same towns as we did.

The conscious, deliberate friends we all need as adults to teach and inspire and support us to become our best selves.

It’s easier said than done.

Which is why we’ve already split our journey into 7 bite-sized parts:

Pretty cool, right?

And the best part is… we’re just getting started.

Because here’s what we’ll talk about next…

  • Part 8: Pushing Roots – How to make new friendships stick;
  • Part 9: Growing Shoots – How to turn friendships into life-long relationships;
  • Part 10: Life-Long Cultivation – How to systematically keep showing up;
  • Part 11: Recap – Tying it all together (+ bonus tools and next steps).

The only thing is, there’s a catch…

Because while the first 7 parts of this series will always be available via the links at the top of this update, the rest of this series will only be available to members of the TRACKTION Community.

Why? Partly because I don’t want to keep forcing this stuff down your throat. If you want to know more, you’ll know where to find it. And in the meantime, there are DOZENS of other great topics I’m excited to talk about.

Partly because we’ve already covered the hardest part of how to make friends… getting started. Now you know why, who and where to upgrade your relationships, all you really need now is momentum. You just need to start taking action.

But mostly because this is where things get really tactical. We’ll cover everything from the 5 steps to turn friendships into habits and the best way to blow people away on their birthdays, to the 10 facts you should know about each of your friends and the EXACT system I use to make sure I never fall out of touch (no matter how far away I am or how crazy life gets).

It’s powerful stuff and rather than cram it into a handful of articles, I’d rather put the whole thing in a dedicated training space. I want you to be able to explore it and digest it and revisit it and ask me questions directly, whenever you get stuck.

That’s the deal. So wherever your head’s at right now…

Here’s what you need to do next:

If you’re not interested in learning more about friendship; if what’s coming up doesn’t excite you, then no worries. Sit back, relax and watch your inbox for more thoughts on health-, wealth-, relationship- and self-mastery, very soon.

But if that DOES excite you; if you’d like to get stuck into the HOW of making life-long, adult friends and you haven’t already joined us, then…

Come check out F2M’s TRACKTION Masterclass →

I’ll publish the rest of this series on friendship in the bonus section of the community over the next handful of weeks. And in the meantime…

I’ll look forward to meeting you on the other side very soon.

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