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I’m glad that you’re here.

If you’ve arrived here today there’s a reason. And it’s a good reason too. It’s that we all want to be smarter and have better memories. We all want to learn faster, as cheaply and easily as possible. And none of us want to forget the lessons and experiences we’ve collected in life. The memories that make us who we are.

But there’s a problem. And it’s a big one. Because traditional education is broken. It fails to teach us how to learn and it fails to teach us how to remember. It fails to adapt to our progress and preferences. It encourages the belief that “ability” is fixed. It creates a suffocating fear of failure that stays with us the rest of our lives.

The result? Learning new things is far harder and more expensive than it needs to be. And so we tend to avoid it as much as we can. Learning makes us feel embarrassed, overwhelmed, frustrated and helpless. It’s no wonder we’d rather stick to what we know or get buried in endless distractions.

And the worst part? Not knowing how much easier learning can be cheats billions of us of the experiences and opportunities we could have. It creates more stress, less money, less time, worse grades and limited job prospects. It means less clarity and worse decisions for you, for the people you love and for the whole of society.

And that’s just plain wrong.

I know how this feels. I spent most of my life believing you’re either smart or you aren’t. And that if something felt hard I may as well give up and accept I was bad at it. I’ve felt the struggle to fail, adapt and grow. I’ve watched it hold back or literally destroy people I care about at home, at school and at work.

But it wasn’t until I studied Neuropsychology at Oxford University that I began to understand there might be another way. And over the next years the lessons I learned there changed everything.

I started two businesses, making thousands of dollars every day, while studying for one of the hardest degrees in the world. I became a “structuring powerhouse”, consistently ranking in the top-tier of consultants at McKinsey while taking 3 months off every year. I passed the German B2 (fluency) exams in 4 months, learned 3 more languages (including Mandarin) over the next 3 years, completed a 256km ultra-marathon in the Sahara with 8 months of training and went from Bambi to CSIA Level 2 ski instructor in just 6 months.

And as I applied those discoveries to my own life I realised that the world simply doesn’t need to be how it is. And that’s when I started developing a way for anyone to learn anything quickly and easily. A process with 5 simple steps:

  1. Make time and space in your life for learning;
  2. Plan every learning project like a military campaign;
  3. Create the right environment and habits to guarantee growth;
  4. Master and apply the right learning tools for the job; and
  5. Show up every day for as long as is necessary.

Simple but not easy. Which is why I created FASTER TO MASTER. I want to show you the details of that process and let you experience its incredible benefits. I want to unlock the super learner inside you.

Feeling nervous? I get it. Here are 3 promises I want to make that might help:

  1. Everything you need to make learning fun, fast and simple can be learned;
  2. Anyone can learn those skills, no matter who, where or how old you are; and
  3. Everything I can teach you can be learned for next to nothing.

Learning how to learn is the best investment of time and energy that you’ll ever make. You’ll learn skills of productivity, planning, practice, memory, thinking and mastery. You’ll unlock a powerful, positive feedback loop that will touch every part and every phase of your life.

You’ll learn how to get better grades, with far less time and effort. You’ll learn the skills you need to get the job of your dreams and excel in it. You’ll learn how to master new markets and concepts so fast your competition won’t know how to keep up. You’ll learn how to deliver powerful speeches without notes, remember rooms full of names and never forget an important fact or figure again.

Perhaps most important of all, you’ll learn how to do these things and still walk away with more time and more money than you started with. Time and money you can lavish on your loved ones, or on getting in shape, or on getting away, or even on learning some more. And in the end, you’ll learn how to pass on those skills. You’ll learn how to give the gift of learning and its many benefits to the people and communities around you.

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Don’t settle for a life of missed opportunities and unfulfilled potential. Don’t put up with being afraid of learning or terrified of making mistakes. Put an end to feeling slow, stupid, overwhelmed and trapped. Say no to wasting hundreds of hours and dollars more than necessary on learning new things. Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime by not being prepared when you’re tapped on the shoulder.

Become the super learner you can be. Enjoy feeling smarter, more confident, clearer and more in control of your life. Create the best outcomes for you and the people around you, at school, at home, at work and in your community. Relish being ready to take on whatever challenges and opportunities life throws your way.

Take action, join us and I’ll look forward to seeing you on the other side,

And until then, good luck, good learning and go well,