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How To Keep Getting Stuff Done Even On Really Hard Days (A Short Poem)


I was stuck for a topic this morning,
So I wrote this quick poem to say
That the best way to hit your goals faster
Is to work on those goals every day.

Relationships: Take time and energy.
To get wealthy: Spend less than you earn.
To get healthy: Eat well and exercise.
To grow wiser: Risk, fail and learn.

I know that can sometimes feel daunting.
I know it can often seem hard.
I know how it feels to get started and feel
like you won’t even make the first yard.

But you know what makes awesome-you awesome?
When awesome-you has a hard day?
It’s that awesome-you cracks on regardless.
They work on their goals anyway.

They know there aren’t peaks without valleys.
They’ve learned to take knocks on the chin.
They expect life to sometimes feel harder,
And when it does they refuse to give in.

(Note: If it ALWAYS feels hard to take action.
Then you may need a whole new approach.
In which case, come join us in TRACKTION.
And get help from your very own coach.)

But next time you wake up to storm clouds,
When you’re hoping for blue skies and sun,
When it feels like you’re playing on hard mode,
When you struggle to get big things done,

Then remember the point of this poem,
And get your head back in the zone,
Because it’s the hard days in life that define us,
And you’re not going through them alone.

Arthur Worsley
Arthur Worsley
Arthur is a productivity coach and writer who helps top young execs and entrepreneurs be more productive, find more balance and live more meaningfully. Want to know more? Take this 2-minute quiz to discover your Productivity Quotient (PQ) and learn how to get BIG things done. Take the Quiz →

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