Ella’s Story: Who Else Wants $20k Next Month?

Ella Cook TRACKTION Planner

So, today I just want to share a quick story (and video) with you which I love and which always puts a smile on my face 🤗

This is Ella 👆And she’s one of my favourite people in the world.

But the part of Ella I want to talk about today is the ladyboss part. The part that’s increased her income by over $20k per month in just the last 60 days.

So, Ella runs her own freelance digital marketing agency and she’s been going for a couple of years now.

But like many talented creatives, the biggest problem Ella’s faced has been doing what she does best (being a marketing rockstar) AND managing her workload.

She’d basically hit a wall. She felt like she could grow her business and sacrifice creativity OR she could preserve her flexibility but never deliver what she KNEW she was capable of to more than a handful of clients.

What she needed was something to help her take control of her time WITHOUT forcing her into a rigid and stifling productivity system.

She needed a way to get big stuff done WITHOUT becoming a robot and WITHOUT just being “Gritty” (i.e., miserable) or forcing herself out of bed at 5AM every morning.

Luckily for Ella, this was precisely when she picked up her first TRACKTION Planner – the daily productivity planner I designed to help people like Ella deal with EXACTLY the same problem she was facing.

You can hear how the planner rocked her world in her video (which always makes me laugh 😂) but the short version of her story is this…

First, TRACKTION helped her take control of her time, plan her day and compare what she thought was going on with what was actually happening. (HINT: They RARELY agree.)

That clarity helped her spot lots of quick wins and make small but profound changes to her daily routine. Changes that created more consistency and structure WITHOUT forcing her to give up her freedom.

And second, TRACKTION helped her see which parts of her life were holding her back and then ritualise small habits to turn them around. Habits like eating well, meditating and not using her phone in the mornings. Habits that led to meaningful and lasting improvements in her ability to get big things done.

Result? She’s becoming a productivity powerhouse. Effortlessly. And without losing the flexibility and spontaneity that make her the wonderful person and marketer that she is.

She signed three new major clients within 60-days of using her planner. She finally has the tools she needs to keep growing WITHOUT sacrificing what matters to her most.

Isn’t that cool? What could you do if this was your story?

Have a think about it.

And in the meantime, you can check out Ella’s full video above. It’s only a few minutes long, so hang in there till the end (the last few moments always crack me up 🤣).

And you can pick up your own TRACKTION Planner here:

You get $10 off your first planner, there’s secure global shipping and there’s also a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you’re not 100% delighted with your own TRACKTION experience, let me know, anytime, and I’ll give you full, prompt and courteous refund.

Check it out →

And in the meantime, stay awesome, have a wonderful week and go well.

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