Even if you don’t touch a book today, you’ll spend more time reading than you realise.

But the truth is, most of us have terrible reading habits. Whether its emails, articles, pamphlets or books – we read the wrong things, for the wrong reasons, in the wrong way.

The result? Reading is often at best a time-sapping task and at worst a mind-numbing chore.

But what if I told you (no matter who you are, or how high your reading level) that there are simple ways to read faster, with more meaning and to love every moment of it?

What if I told you there were tried and tested ways to use reading to excel in your studies, your work, your sport or your hobbies and unlock more time in your day?

The FASTER TO MASTER: READING course will help you do just these things, over four modules, with the same SEER Method I use to write F2M’s book summaries:

  1. SELECT – Learn to read the right thing and stop wasting time on answers to questions you’re not interested in;
  2. ENGAGE – Learn to read the right way and get the most from your time by adapting your approach to the material in front of you;
  3. EXTRACT – Learn to find the right information, and to synthesise and structure it in a way that’s practical and meaningful; and
  4. RETAIN – Learn to remember and integrate the valuable lessons you’ve learned into your life and your work.

Because the truth is that reading’s a skill, and like driving there’s room for us all to make it safer, faster and more enjoyable while still reaching our destination more quickly.

So don’t settle for hacking away at life with a blunt tool that’s stagnated since school. Take action, master your reading and enjoy the life-changing rewards you’ll unleash.

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