TRACKTION Productivity and Life-Management Coaching for Execs and Entrepreneurs

If you’re here, there’s a good chance you’ve nailed the basics. You’re trusted, you’re autonomous, you’re smart and you’re extremely good at whatever it is you get paid for.

But there’s a problem.

Sometimes it’s obvious. Your health, relationships or growth just aren’t where they should be. You struggle with productivity or discipline. You worry, “How can I manage it all without letting things slip?”

Sometimes, it’s abstract. You feel lost, stuck or demotivated. Stress or anxiety sit like knots in your shoulders. Or you have an almost vampire-like aversion to questions like, “Why am I doing all this?”, or “What’s next?”

I know you because I was you.

I studied neuroscience at Oxford. I was a “structuring powerhouse” at McKinsey. And I built my own companies on the side whilst in both of those worlds.

But I wanted more than a march to the meltdowns I saw happening around me.

So I left and went searching for answers.

And as I learned, I began sharing those ideas with like-minded, curious people. Then through FASTER TO MASTER’s articles, summaries and interviews. And finally 1-on-1 with top, young execs and entrepreneurs, just like you, from all over the world.

So what is performance coaching and how can it help you?

The answer is simple. When we work together, my primary mission in life becomes to help you be even more awesome than you already are.

To do that we’ll use FASTER TO MASTER‘s TRACKTION life-management system PLUS a bulletproof combo of learning, clarification and accountability to help you:

  1. Take control of your time – we’ll slash your workload (while improving performance) and supercharge your productivity;
  2. Do more of what matters – we’ll balance and master your fundamentals (health, relationships, growth, lifestyle); and
  3. Lead a richer, more meaningful life – we’ll explore big topics like mission, purpose, leadership, impact and legacy.

Simple, but not easy. Which is why you need help. It’s why every session is 100% tailored to you. And it’s why you’ll get unlimited email support in-between.

And the best part? I’m so confident in the work that we’ll do together that if you ever have doubts I’ll give every cent that you ever invested in our coaching relationship to your charity of choice, even up to 365 days after we finish.

How do we get started already?

The first three steps in the process are easy:

  1. Schedule a sessionclick here to find a spot (or contact me if none work);
  2. Place a depositclick here to place your deposit for our first session (300 USD); and
  3. Help me help youclick here to make sure we make the most of our time together.

We’ll use our first session to take action right away – getting clear on the ONE thing most holding you back and putting a practical roadmap in place to break through it.

At the end of our time, we can decide if it’s a conversation we’d like to continue. And unless it’s a “Hell Yeah!” from both of us, I’ll refund 100% your first-session deposit, no questions asked.

Let’s forge a more productive, balanced and fulfilled version of you.

Imagine a life where you enjoy better health, better relationships and more time for personal growth. A world where clarity, peace of mind and greater satisfaction aren’t just fleeting sensations. They’re your default state of existence.

From disorderly, frustrated and anxious, to disciplined, focussed and balanced. This is the journey our work together will take you on.

So without further ado, let’s begin.