Learning and Productivity Coaching

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Every week, I dedicate a limited number of hours to one-on-one coaching with clients who are serious about learning and productivity. And, whether you’re a student, executive, athlete, entrepreneur or hobbyist, there’s almost certainly a host of bottlenecks and opportunities we can work on.

Here are some just some of the things we might tackle in a typical 50-minute session:


  • Make a plan to ensure you crush your next learning project;
  • Debug an existing learning project to give it a new lease of life;
  • Dramatically increase your reading speed and comprehension; or
  • Improve your memory – either generally or for specific situations (like preparing for tests, remembering names at a big event or presenting without notes)


  • Step back from a high-stress situation then come up with a bulletproof plan and next actions to get through it;
  • Create the outline of an end-to-end productivity system that will greatly improve your overall efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Audit and find ways to fix problems or supercharge your current system; or
  • Dig into your big picture goals for the coming weeks, months and years.

Exactly what we do together, in either area, will depend on your specific situation but will probably involve working to:

  • Clarify exactly what it is you want to achieve and why;
  • Develop a positive and proactive mindset;
  • Build good, solid habits of thought, word and action;
  • Research, organise, plan and prepare for your projects;
  • Read, listen, watch, memorise, take-notes, synthesise and practice more effectively;
  • Prepare for high-stakes performance situations (including interviews, testing, writing, speaking or competitions); or
  • Build confidence, break through plateaus and learn to let go on the way to mastery.

My goal at the end of each session is to leave you feeling energised, empowered, confident and clear on exactly where you are heading and what needs doing.

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If I can help you, it’s because I’ve been where you are or because I’m going somewhere you want to be. To understand both better, read my full story here.

The short version is this – when it comes to learning:

  • I’ve studied in some of the best schools in the world (including majoring in Psychology, Philosophy and Physiology at Oxford University);
  • I’ve learned to rapidly research, deconstruct and re-synthesise chewy topics in short time-frames as an entrepreneur, consultant and writer.
  • I self-studied German and Mandarin to fluency (and Russian and Spanish to – now rusty – conversational) in under three years; and
  • I’m constantly experimenting with new learning projects and approaches (e.g., novice to level 2 ski instructor in 4 months, novice to Marathon des Sables in 8 months).

In addition, my full-time focus at FASTER TO MASTER is spending all day, every day, studying and testing the secrets of effective learners from all walks of life. You’ll find the fruits of these labours in the ever-expanding articles section.

When it comes to productivity, I’ve spent decades dialling in systems for myself and my clients in various contexts – from schools to start-ups to high-pressure corporates to self-directed solopreneurs. I was consistently sought out by teams at McKinsey for being a “structuring powerhouse” and an “exceptional problem solver [and] process leader”.

Whether you care about any of that depends entirely on who you are and what you want to achieve. I’m a nerd who loves optimising my time and energy to spend every day learning as much as I possibly can – and that’s not for everyone.

The one and only thing I care about is coaching you to amazing results. So, whether the thought of an honest and powerful conversation fills you with excitement or revulsion, that’s fine. Just go with your gut.

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Right now a 50-minute coaching session is 200 USD, no strings attached.

What does that mean? My main goal here is to coach you to amazing results. That’s why you’ll get an instant 100% refund if you change your mind – for any reason, at any time – about going through with or the value you get from each session.

WARNING: Keep in mind that big changes are not automatic. Your goals will take time and work. All we can do is plot the best route to your destination. You still have to put one foot in front of the other.

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The booking process for our first session is simple:

  1. Place a fully refundable deposit with PayPal; and
  2. Fill out this pre-session survey.

N.B., Paypal is a 100% secure payment system and you do not need an account to make a payment.

Once I’ve received both your deposit and survey:

  • EITHER we’ll find time to get together on the phone.
  • OR you’ll get a full refund if I decline your request.

If I decline your request, it’s not personal. It’s because I don’t think I’m the right person to deliver massive value on your particular problem, right now or in the time that we have available. When that happens, I’ll make my reasoning clear and do my best to point you to someone who can help.

If we do talk, one of three things will happen:

  1. It won’t be a perfect fit and you’ll get 100% of your deposit back.
  2. We’ll have an awesome call but 50 minutes is all that you’ll need to get going.
  3. We’ll both be excited to think about working together over a longer period.

Until our first discussion, there’s no telling which option it’ll be. Let’s cross that bridge when we get there.

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If you’d like to start organising a coaching session, click here to leave your fully-refundable deposit with PayPal. Then, fill our this pre-session survey.

If you have any questions at all about working with me, click here to get in touch and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m able.