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Book Summaries: Free Book Summaries of the Best Books Ever Written…

There are two good uses for book summaries:

  1. To help you decide if a book is worth reading; and
  2. To recap the points in a book that you’ve already read.

There is no substitute for reading a good book yourself. So if that’s what you’re looking for then I’m afraid you’ve been sadly misled. You won’t find that here, or anywhere else on the internet. No matter what their marketing tells you.

What you will find here is a growing collection of book summaries of some of the best books ever written (or, occasionally, just those I wanted to read).

I can’t promise they’re the best book summaries on the internet, but I can promise I’ve poured hundreds of hours into making them the best book summaries I possibly can.

Browse straight to the book summary you’re looking for. Pick a book summary at random. Bookmark a handful to come back and read later.

And whatever you do, I hope you find what you’re looking for.

Read wisely. Read widely. Read well. And you’ll read gladly for the rest of your life.

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