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Learning How to Learn

Learning is a skill – one you can greatly improve. And getting better won’t just make you more productive, more successful and happier, it will transform every part of your life. In the section below, I’ve gathered the best of FASTER TO MASTER to help you do just that. So dive in, enjoy and get to it because “in a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future” – and that future is yours for the taking.

READING LIST: 70 Great Books on Learning How to Learn (with Summaries).
Devour skills and knowledge faster than you ever thought possible with these 70 awesome books on learning how to learn, filled with tips, tricks and time-savers from the greatest thinkers, learners and scientists in the field.

Articles for efficiency and effectiveness.

Articles powering purposeful practice.

TOP COURSE: Learning How to Learn: Powerful Tools To Master Tough Subjects
Barb Oakley and Terrence Sejnowski’s free, accessible and very popular Coursera course is an excellent place for anyone to start their journey on learning how to learn.

Memory Improvement

Discover the secrets to unlocking your memory’s boundless potential. Learn to never again lose your keys, wallet or phone. Learn to instantly remember names, faces, books, lectures, speeches, dates, numbers, formulae and words in any language. Be amazed, enlightened and delighted as you, too, learn to master your memory.

READING LIST: 30 Great Books on Memory Improvement (with Summaries)
Go straight to the source with these 30 mind-blowing books on memory improvement across 8 handy categories, from practical guides to mind-opening safaris into the science, history and philosophy of memory.



TOP COURSE: The Magnetic Memory Method, Metivier
Of all the memory courses out there, Metivier’s Magnetic Memory Method is my favourite. Discover world-renowned techniques for extraordinary memory improvement even if you’ve tried everything else.

Language Learning

Learning a new language is one of life’s most misunderstood challenges. It is also one of its most rewarding. A new language is a gatekeeper to new people, places, knowledge and experiences. It is a passport to a country that we didn’t even know existed.

TOP GUIDE: The Ultimate Language Learning Guide: How to Learn Any Language Fast
Want to learn Spanish, German or even Chinese? Our FREE, ultimate, 8,000-word guide to learning any language fast will show you how – no matter your age, budget or location.

TOP COURSE: Speaking A Second Language: The Essential Guide, Lewis
If Benny the Irish Polyglot can’t convince you to learn a second language, nobody can. Looking for everything you need to learn a new language in one place? This course is a good place to start. N.B., Benny also offers courses in learning: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Chinese.