21 SEP 2018: Hey there! Right now, Erin and I are packing for a stint of mobile madness after seven wonderful months of living in Canggu, Bali.

First stop, Nepal for two+ weeks hiking the glorious Annapurna circuit. Then, Europe to see family and friends in Spain, England, Austria and Germany.

After that, we’ll chase a few months of Summer in Cape Town or Thailand (TBD) before returning to Bali in March 2019 via a month of unbeatable skiing in Northern Japan.

FASTER TO MASTER-wise, there’s been a huge amount going on, both on the blog and behind the scenes. Travel or no-travel you can be sure that won’t stop.

But what I’m MOST excited by right now is the clarity I’ve found on the direction I’ll be taking us in in the coming months and years.

Long story short: my obsession has become helping ambitious people (like YOU) lead even more productive, balanced and meaningful lives than you already are.

With that mission in mind, expect lots of updates to the site, as well as new reading lists, book summaries and articles before 2019 (and beyond).

That’s all for now – next update from our new casa at the start of December.

Until then, good luck, be awesome and go well!