17th May 2018: Hey! Right now, Erin and I are in Canggu, Bali. Easily one of my favourite spots in the world. The locals are warm, honest and welcoming. The food is better than most major cities, with a huge selection of vegetarian and vegan options. The surf is unbeatable. The weather is awesome. The expats are positive, curious and passionate. And the cost? Divide London by 10 to 20 and you start getting close.

The verdict? We planned to stay here 3 months (until end of May) but we’ve extended our stay until at least early October.

FASTER TO MASTER-wise I’m focussing on increasing my output of articles and summaries. The more I write, the more I realise how much I still have to learn about writing. It’s a craft that I could (and am excited) to keep mastering for decades.

I’ve also decided to explore “Learning and Memory” as a topic for my first book. I’ll be testing topics and ideas here over the next 6 months so expect to see more book summaries in that genre. I’ll be breaking those up with articles that interest me and a few books on writing, as well as more key-stone texts on self-development and philosophy.

Otherwise, Erin and I are keeping busy with CrossFit (a new obsession and the best workout I’ve had in 10 years), ultimate frisbee, surfing, meditation and making new friends. I’m still working on my flashcards and have restarted weekly iTalki lessons in Mandarin and German.

That’s all for now. Every day I wake up and feel grateful for the relative peace, freedom and plenty an unprecedented number of us enjoy in the world. One day people will look back on this era as a golden age of humanity.

Next update in July, until then, good luck, be safe and go well! Arthur