Hi, I’m Arthur.


Hi, I’m Arthur – a learning-freak, slow-thinker and writer who helps curious people digest chewy topics fast.

I studied Psychology, Philosophy, Physiology at Oxford University, where I specialised in the neurophysiology of memory. To add some spice I recklessly wrote my three essays per week and sat my final exams while working bar jobs, managing two small start-ups and losing most of the money I made on an even smaller property business. This was the first time I realised how valuable it is to be a productivity bad-ass.

Tired of reinventing the wheel, I landed my first gig in London as “in-house entrepreneur” for a partly mad but mostly inspiring Polish shipping baron. Then, after two years of insanity, my search for mentorship and structure led me to consulting at McKinsey & Company. I learned a huge amount and loved every moment at McKinsey but three years of 80-hour work weeks was enough to make clear that it wasn’t my long-term solution.

In pursuit of answers, I spent the next three years travelling seven continents and seventy countries (including gems like North Korea and Turkmenistan). Along the way, I learned a great deal of history, met thousands of people and expanded my narrow horizons. To keep my brain busy I rediscovered the joys of language learning, becoming fluent in German and Mandarin and conversational – though now rusty – in Russian and Spanish.

In January 2017 I met my deeply inspiring partner, Erin, at a salsa class in Medellin, Colombia. Since then I’ve been working full time studying and writing about learning and productivity. You can see the fruits of those labours here, on FASTER TO MASTER, where I’m slowly collecting the many ideas I’ve borrowed from tutors, mentors, colleagues, clients and hundreds of authors over the years.

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